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Important PRP Therapy Facts and Benefits Worth Noting

One of the most commonly used procedures in speeding recovering and aiding in healing is platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy. Any area of the body that goes through trauma only need to be injected by platelet-rich plasma. Combining different surgery types with PRP therapy is very common to help individuals attain faster healing and recovery. Many plastic surgeons use PRP therapy and facelift together for the best results and a faster recovery. Enhanced results and faster recovery are just two of the main benefits of using PRP therapy in combination with facelift surgery. Below are some important PRP therapy facts and benefits worth noting for those who plan to undergo this procedure.

As previously stated, PRP therapy is the process of injecting platelet-rich plasma into the tissues of the individual who needs it. This injection is usually necessary so that the body of the person recovers from injuries better like the ones they get from surgery. In this procedure, the platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the blood of the patient himself or herself. A centrifuge is required to extract blood through spinning of samples. This process helps to separate the liquid plasma from the solid components of the blood such as platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. After that, platelets are separated from the rest of the cells of the blood and then combined once again with the separated plasma.

Platelets are extracted from the blood for harvest because they are known to help in healing by allowing the blood to clot. They also have growth factors that ensure the regeneration of cells. So, adding PRP into injured areas of your body will enhance the ability of your body to heal.

There is improved healing in PRP therapy because the PRP injected into your damaged tissues will boost the regenerative capability of the cells in your body. As PRP is injected into your incision sites during any surgery even near sutures and beneath your skin, you can expect better results from the surgery as well as your tissues healing faster. Enhanced healing is not the only benefit of injecting PRP into your body.

You can also rely on PRP therapy for reduced scarring. This benefit is very much helpful for people who are undergoing facelift surgery and would like to avoid having visible scars.

The number of platelets present in your tissues also increases with PRP therapy. You can expect damaged tissues to attain faster healing when there is an increase in platelet count. For post-op patients, this can mean faster recovery from your surgery.

Swelling reduction is another benefit of getting PRP therapy, especially when combined with surgery. With the reduction of swelling, patients will be able to see the outcome of their treatment sooner.

lastly, there is less blood loss in PRP therapy. You can expect this to be the result of PRP therapy because the injections sites will experience a boost in the number of platelets. You can also decrease skin bruising with this therapy.

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